Thursday, November 11, 2010

Meet Thelma & Louise - Looking for a Forever Home

Meet Thelma and Louise (to the left of the big dog). Two foundling puppies looking for a forever home. These adorable litter mates are some sort of yellowlab/husky mix and are about twelve weeks old. They are calm, smart and very loving. They are looking for a permanent home where they can be together forever.

Thelma looks more husky-like than her sister. She has a teddy-bear soft coat, and a big heart. She is the dog that will be sitting at your feet every night. Louise is the smoother coated of the two and is a little angel. She is more petite than Thelma and very sensitive. Louise will be your ball-player and hiking companion.

Since I don’t know their medical history, they are going through the full rounds of puppy vaccinations and worming. They’ve had round one and have two more to go. They are as house-broken as twelve week old pups can be. I currently keep them in a crate during the day, with a lunch time outdoor break. They are romping and playing with my large dogs like pros, and are cat curious, not cat aggressive.

These two are going to need a home that will keep them as indoor pets – both have heavy down coats and will be uncomfortable in the summer heat. They will be larger so their new family will have to understand that they can’t be crated for endless hours and will need exercise. They will need a weekly brushing to keep their down coats from matting. These two will do great at puppy school. My vet was impressed with their demeanor and attitude.

The perfect family for them would have older children or perhaps an older couple looking for new companions.

To adopt these babies, here’s the deal:

  • Potential adopters must have a vet reference and personal reference

  • Potential adopters will have a home visit

  • Homes with a fenced in back yard preferred

  • Adopters must understand what “forever” and indoor pets mean

  • The adoption fee is to cover their spaying and micro-chipping
What you will get in return are the two best companions ever. These two are going to be beautiful, loving dogs that are the sunshine in your life. In South Carolina, over 19,000 adoptable animals are euthanized every year. These two are escaping that death sentence and looking for their forever family.

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